Wills & Estate Planning & Administration

Creating a set of legal documents that clearly state your vision in the event of your passing makes life easier for your loved ones. A `last will and testament` minimizes expense and delay carrying out your wishes after your death.

Estate planning establishes your vision and protects your beneficiaries. This law firm will work with you to ensure your assets go where you intend. SN Law Office will also advise you on potential fees and taxes.

Get a review of your existing will, update it, or obtain a grant of administration on the probate as the Personal Representative.

A Legal Will appoints an Executor, a Trustee, and a Guardian for your children. It outlines and manages how to deal with your debts and estate expenses. A Legal Will also ensures specific bequests of personal or charitable nature are satisfied. We understand and respect that your needs are intimate and individual, and there may be sensitivities surrounding family members.

Dementia or serious accidents can happen, leaving you unable to make your own decisions about your life and unable to assist those dependent on you. SN Law Office can assist you in ensuring that you have proper documentation naming whom you would like to act for you. They can help make decisions about your life and assist those dependent upon you.

Whomever you leave your estate to, SN Law Office can also provide ongoing advice and direction to personal representatives handling your estate.

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